Set in the very heart of Paris, the Île de la Cité is one of the most iconic and renowned places of the capital, a showcase of its historic layers built over centuries. Yet its current urban condition could hardly be considered as satisfactory. Limited by poor touristic facilities and pedestrian planning, foreigners often visit Notre Dame in a hurry while Parisians simply prefer to avoid the place. With the upcoming relocation of several major institutions located on the Île de la Cité, namely the Paris Court of Justice and the Police headquarters for which new buildings are under construction in the north of Paris, now is the time to think and imagine better urban qualities for this UNESCO-listed heritage site.
In December 2015, the French President François Hollande decided to address this challenge by entrusting Dominique Perrault, architect and urbanist, along with Philippe Bélaval, President of the French Center for National Monuments, to carry out a prospective study on the future of the Île de la Cité over the next 25 years.


Download the PReSENTATION of the study


the official report of the prospective study was presented to French PReSIDENT FRANÇOIS HOLLANDE by PHILIPPE BÉLAVAL and DOMINIQUE PERRAULT at the ÉlysÉe palace on december 16th.


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